Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Is Down To Direct A Superman Movie

In spite of the overwhelming negative response to Suicide Squad, director David Ayer remains in good spirits. He’s offered up his comments to those who were less than satisfied with his take on the Worst Heroes Ever, insisting that he made the film “for the fans.” If nothing else, he’s had a blast. And in this latest interview with JoBlo, he ponders which other DC characters he’d love to bring to the big screen:

“If everything was on the table? I love Superman, I think Superman would be amazing. There’s so many; it’s such an insanely rich universe, there’s so much depth to it. You could literally open up the encyclopedia of characters and stab your finger at a page and you’d have an amazing character.”

The proposed Man of Steel 2 is still a project that’s of interest to Superman himself, Henry Cavill, who spoke about wanting a solo sequel. As Zack Snyder is busy cracking the whip on Justice League, there’s defintely the possibility that Ayer could step in.

Then again, there’s the small matter of Suicide Squad 2. Whether or not Ayer will return to direct a potential sequel is still up in the air. Again, just because the reviews aren’t glowing doesn’t mean that the film’s not got legs: it’s tracking to bring in approx. $140 million in its opening weekend. That’s far from a flop and may indeed be the sort of takehome that Warner Bros. is banking on to push forward on another outing for Task Force X. No doubt we’ll find out more details on any future outings for Ayer – be it Superman or Suicide Squad – in the coming weeks.