Suicide Squad Director Shares Deleted Joker Scene And New Photo


With the Justice League Snyder Cut in the bag, DC fans have moved on to campaigning to get Warner Bros. to release director David Ayer’s original cut of Suicide SquadThe filmmaker himself has been happy to fuel fan interest, too, sharing details, teases and pics from his initial version of the movie before the studio re-edited it into something else.

Today was a good day for Task Force X fans as well as Ayer shared two new fascinating pieces on social media. The director dropped a new black and white image of Jared Leto’s Joker on his Instagram story and then followed it up with a page of a script detailing the scene the pic is taken from. It’s a sequence that was glimpsed in the original trailers for the film but not seen in the theatrical release.

In the gallery below, you can see the Joker image and if you move on to the next slide you can read the script page. Set during the climax, it reveals that Joker survived his helicopter crash and has allied with Enchantress. Maybe. Unless it’s all a mirage…

Though Ayer shared these on Instagram without a comment, fans asked him more questions about the script on Twitter. One quizzed him on if he’d actually shot this scene. Ayer confirmed that, yes, he shot and edited it. He then added: “Of course you were not permitted to see it,” along with a facepalm emoji.

This sequence sees the Joker appear, holding Waller’s detonation device, allowing him to threaten Deadshot. He then asks Harley to give a sword back to Enchantress and Harley has a moment of torn allegiance before appearing to side with her puddin’. It’s unclear though if this is the real Joker or one of Enchantress’ tricks, or if indeed Harley does intend to betray her friends or if she’s actually playing Mr. J.

In any case, thanks to Ayer’s new posts, #ReleaseTheAyerCut has been trending on Twitter today. The level of interest from Suicide Squad fans is clear, but we’ll have to see whether WB will listen like they did with JL.