Suicide Squad Originally Had A Role For Scarecrow



So….Suicide Squad‘s an Oscar winner now. Say that out loud to yourself a few times. Feels weird, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, though, David Ayer’s film was given an Academy Award last night and the movie is now back on people’s minds. That’s why it’s quite appropriate then that a new batch of concept art has landed online which is rather interesting. Unlike previous images which simply showed alternate costumes or designs for Task Force X, this one includes something that’s sure to catch fans’ attention.

Seen in the gallery below, you’ll find several drawings of the Dark Knight, the Joker, the Batmobile and much more, all of which is worth a look, but what might stick out the most is the photo of Scarecrow. Yes, it seems that at one point, the iconic Batman villain was set to feature in the film and this concept art from Ed Natividad shows how he may have appeared on screen. Now, it’s important to note that these images are from 2014, so quite a while before Suicide Squad eventually debuted, but still, it’s clear that early on, Warner Bros. planned to include the character.

While that’s interesting on its own, it also begs the question of whether or not we may see the villain somewhere down the road. He may have been cut from Ayer’s film for reasons unknown, but if he was originally set to have a role, it’s not crazy to think that perhaps he’s just being saved for The Batman, or another outing in the DC Extended Universe (perhaps Suicide Squad 2?).

Then again, we could just be reading into this too much and maybe he’s been scrapped for good. After all, the character appeared in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and it is a bit surprising that the studio would want to bring him back again, even if it is a different version. Either way, it’s interesting to know that he was on the table at one point or another and we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for Dr. Jonathan Crane as time goes on.

As for the other concept art here, there’s some intriguing shots of both Bats and the Joker that seemingly didn’t make it into the film either, which already have fans speculating as to what Ayer originally had planned. We all know that the Clown Prince of Crime had a lot of his scenes cut from the final product and this artwork gives us a little peek at what could have been, which is always nice, right?

Take a look through the concept art up in the gallery above and let us know if you think Scarecrow could have fit into Suicide Squad by leaving a comment in the usual place.