Sullivan Stapleton Is Testing For Star Wars: Episode VII


Latino Review is at it again and this time, they’re reporting that their sources have some very juicy information in regards to the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. Apparently, Aussie actor Sullivan Stapleton, perhaps best known for his role on television in Strike Back and soon to be on the big screen in 300: Rise of an Empire, is testing for a role in the film.

Now, this doesn’t mean that he’s confirmed to star, but if Latino Review’s sources are correct, then the actor has at the very least, read for a part and is in consideration. Unfortunately, there’s no information on which role he is testing for but I’d imagine that it’s probably a pretty decent sized one.

Though many of you may not be familiar with Stapleton, or his work, the actor is certainly getting his name out there. With the aforementioned 300: Rise of an Empire arriving shortly, he’ll most likely experience a rise in fame and exposure in the coming months, which will be nice to see.

Stapleton is one of those actors who has flown under the radar for far too long, despite giving solid performances along the way, and I’m excited for him to finally get the recognition that he deserves. If he indeed does snag a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, it will only propel him even closer to the A-list.

Tell us, are you a fan of Sullivan Stapleton? Do you want to see him star in Star Wars: Episode VII? Let us know in the comments below.