Super Trailer Released

Now that the theatrical Super trailer has been released, eager fans can whet their appetites. While Super is set for an April 1st theatrical release, it will screen at Austin’s SXSW Film Festival next week. The movie poster and teaser promise a film rife with unwholesome violent comedy and DIY superhero action.

It looks to be even quirkier than the movie poster and synopsis suggest. Rainn Wilson (The Office), no doubt, will bring his signature weirdness to the role of home-grown superhero Crimson Bolt, who goes out to battle evil after his wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a drug dealer (Kevin Bacon). He takes on a sidekick named Boltie (Ellen Page), who may be a little crazy.

With plenty of edgy, probably uncomfortable humor and razor sharp wit, Super may be writer/director James Gunn’s greatest film yet. He wrote the screenplay for Dawn of the Dead, which was one of the better installment in the Night of the Living Dead zombie film franchise. The homemade look of the costumes compliment the storyline of a basically impotent super hero. Can’t wait to see it.

Here’s the trailer, for your consideration.

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