Super Troopers 2 Must Raise $15 Million Before Shooting


Alright Broken Lizard fans, why don’t we play “The Cat Game” for old time’s sake. What’s the record Foster set? Ten? Starting right meow?

Meow before you Broken Lizard junkies get discouraged by the title of this article, understand that Super Troopers was in the exact same scenario. Sure, the original’s estimated budget of $3 million doesn’t exactly seem on the same level as the requested $15 million that will encompass the sequel’s production budget and marketing fees, but don’t think Super Troopers 2 is in any sort of trouble.

Not too long ago we learned that the Broken Lizard guys had handed in a finished script to 20th Century Fox and were gearing up to start shooting for a 2014 release, but there’s no reason to worry that the troupe’s much anticipated highway cop sequel will see any substantial delays. 20th Century Fox have already agreed to distribute the film, so the hard part is over for our comedians, meow leaving $15 million to be raised between private investors, friends, and possibly you!

While doing a guest spot on comedian Bert Kreischer’s podcast “Bertcast,” Lizard members Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme revealed the current state of Super Troopers 2, and of course were in high spirits. Meow while the studio won’t be contributing funds to the budget, this also means they won’t be heavily involved in the production either. As Heffernan commented on the podcast, the gang can meow make the movie they want to make, without a studio meddling with their ideas. Hopefully this means more shenanigans, more syrup chugging, more attempts at “The Repeater,” more attempts at “The Repeater,” and maybe even a Johnny Chimpo cameo?

Meow while going the private investor route will definitely be a main option while fundraising for Super Troopers 2, the guys also realize the power of Kickstarter meow thanks to Veronica Mars and other recent fan sourcing examples, as Lemme noted the crowd funding site seems like a viable option to give fans a chance to help contribute to Broken Lizard’s sequel. Hopefully I’ll get a sweet pair of aviators as a contribution incentive when the gang launches their Kickstarter!

While there are no details on when the Kickstarter campaign will be launched, or if they’ll even have one, be on the lookout for your opportunity to donate a few bucks towards the production of Super Troopers 2. While some people complain about movies meow asking for money even though donors won’t see a shared profit, the Broken Lizard guys are very invested in their fans, so you can expect to be taken care of if you do contribute.

Meow don’t you worry though, because as I already stated, distribution rights have been picked up and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see Super Troopers 2 sometime in 2014 (granted, I wish I had the sequel in my hands right meow). Shooting wasn’t supposed to start until later this year anyway, so Broken Lizard certainly has enough time to come up with the money – and grow out those epic moustaches for another riotous look into the lives of their highway patrolman characters.

Wait, how many was that? Only ten? Shit.