Superbad Fan Arrested For Using McLovin Fake ID, And Seth Rogen Loves It


Points for style, but none for intelligence.

Earlier this weekend, police in Iowa City arrived at a bar to find 20-year old Daniel Alfredo Burleson sitting down with a drink in his hand. When they approached the underage man and asked for his ID, Burleson, clearly intoxicated, fumbled around his wallet before determining that he didn’t have one. However, one of the officers spotted something that looked an awful lot like an ID. But, it wasn’t the one he was looking for.

Instead, the picture was of Christopher Mintz-Plasse from 12 years ago, with the name “McLovin” attached to it. Burleson, the officers noted, didn’t look at all like a 22-year-old Hawaiian organ donor; so he was taken into custody.

The ID, a replica of the one used in Greg Mottola’s classic comedy Superbad, was purchased off of Amazon and clearly states that it’s not a valid form of identification. Nevertheless, the 20-year old was allowed into the bar, and now, the establishment may lose its liquor license and get shut down.


While that news certainly isn’t great (at least for the owners), Burleson has become a sort of local hero, whose popularity increased tenfold once Seth Rogen himself retweeted the story.

Rogen was one of the co-writers and producers of the comedy, as well as one of its stars. Ironically, he plays a police officer who’s fooled by the actual “McLovin” ID and partakes in a series of antics with his partner (Bill Hader) and the young fraud Fogel (the aforementioned Christopher Mintz-Plasse).

I don’t know about you, but this story kind of makes me want to watch Superbad again. Anyone else feeling that right now?

Source: Twitter