Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan Wants To Play A Superhero


There are so many superheroes running, flying, time-travelling, grapple hooking (delete as applicable) around the Arrowverse that those who are part of the supporting cast of the four shows that haven’t yet got to don a pair of tights must feel a bit left out. This is definitely true of Supergirl‘s Jeremy Jordan, who plays Kara Danvers’ loyal tech-savvy friend Winn Schott.

While speaking to South Florida Gay News, Jordan revealed that he would love to get out of the DEO and fight crime at some point in his career. Though at the moment, he’s not sure if he would want his superhero to be “really cool, or maybe even a little bit of a dork.”

Here’s how he put it:

“I’d love to play a superhero someday. I never get to do any of the green screen (special effects) stuff and I can’t say that I’m not a little bit jealous.”

Luckily for Jordan, he’s part of a superhero universe that frequently travels to parallel worlds, giving the actors the chance to play different takes on their characters. Just recently, for instance, the Crisis on Earth-X crossover miniseries saw Jordan play General Schott, a version of Winn from Earth-X who was a hard-nosed military man. Given that, it’s not totally out of the question for Jordan to be able to suit up as a hero in a future trip to another universe.

Alternatively, supporting characters are often taking to the streets to become vigilantes in the Arrowverse. They include Cisco Ramone, Caitlin Snow, Curtis Holt and Winn’s pal James Olsen over on Supergirl, who became Guardian in season 2. Not much has happened with Olsen’s superhero career of late, so maybe Winn will take up the mantle at some point in the future. If he does, let’s hope he’ll don the comic book character’s usually blue and gold colour scheme.

Tell us, which superhero would you like to see Jeremy Jordan play, whether in Supergirl or somewhere else? Drop your ideas in the comments section down below.