Superman Added To Alex Ross-Inspired Justice League Promo Photos


For those of us who enjoyed Justice League, one of the major talking points we’ve been discussing since leaving theaters has been that of the return of Superman. After all, the “truth and justice” schtick that we’ve come to love finally reared its head in the DC Extended Universe, offering a sense of hope that some felt it lacked. And even though the Man of Steel was absent from a fair amount of the film’s marketing, the more diehard fans among us knew that his resurrection was to be expected.

One such unfortunate omission was in what happened to be the favorite poster of many, that being the one that channeled the photo-realistic artwork of comic book legend Alex Ross. Having been been plastered all over social media and proudly on display at movie theaters the world over, the group shot we’ve come to enjoy included the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Warner Bros. are including Henry Cavill’s Big Blue in some post-opening weekend marketing, with said poster being retouched. In it, we see the six icons united, something that the film’s underwhelming box office gross probably could’ve benefited from beforehand. The studio wanted to preserve some mystique, yes, but maybe if more casual moviegoers would’ve known that Superman is in the flick, a few more tickets would’ve been sold.

Still, it has to be considered that WB taking a big loss may be avoided if enough people see these ads and if positive word of mouth works in their favor because, let’s face it, Justice League is being enjoyed by those who’ve seen it much more than most previous installments in the DCEU. Who knows, this could even end up having the legs that Wonder Woman did, but we won’t get our first indication of that until Thanksgiving weekend is in the books.