Superman Gets His Own Justice League Character Poster Thanks To Talented Fan


To be frank, the marketing for Justice League thus far has been a little underwhelming. At least, when it comes to the posters we’ve seen. The vast majority of them have been garish collages of press shots haphazardly assembled in the most boring possible configurations. Thankfully, though, that all changed yesterday when Warner Bros. released a gorgeous batch of character one-sheets, featuring each member of the League.

They were all well-photographed and contained a glimmer of what each hero means – from the hopeful sunrise of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, to the not-quite-human monochrome of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg through to the fierce and cool Batman. Notably missing, however, was Henry Cavill’s Superman. Though this ties in with him being absent from much of the promotional material and trailers, it was still a shame to see him being left out.

Fan artist Bryan Zap seemed to think so, too, as he’s now released an awesome new poster featuring the Man of Steel that fits in very nicely with the ones we got yesterday. It may not be an official one-sheet, but it’s still great to see Supes getting a chance to shine regardless.

Pretty neat, right? Unfortunately, we don’t expect the Big Blue Boy Scout to be included in the remainder of the marketing campaign. Though the fact that he’ll be resurrected is widely known, Warner Bros. is keeping all details on his role in the film under lock and key and that includes having him remain out of the spotlight during the lead up to release. Whether that’s the right decision or not depends on who you ask, but thankfully, we don’t have long to go now before we get to see him back in action.

And that’s because Justice League will be with us on November 17th. Word is that the long-brewing ensemble pic features not one, but two post-credits scenes, so it’d be wise to stick around after the screen goes black. Besides, with so many DC-related tentpoles cramming up the pipeline, there’s a very good chance the Powers That Be will take the opportunity to tee up Shazam! and/or Suicide Squad 2, both of which are said to be targeting 2019.