Superman III Retooled As A Horror Movie


Superman III is a strange creature. After two highly successful films that managed to bring a comic book hero to the big screen in such a way that they gained much mainstream respect and redefined what a big budget movie could be, you would think the third entry in the series would have followed suit.

Instead, we got Superman III. Widely panned by critics and fans alike, it decided to forego the natural choice of crafting another silver screen epic featuring the Man of Tomorrow battling iconic villains and instead focused largely on a computer programmer played by comedic legend Richard Pryor. The powers that be decided to scrap the existing script and write a new film based around Pryor after hearing him make a candid comment about wanting to be in a Superman movie.

However, there is an element of the film that resonated with many moviegoers: Bad Superman. After being exposed to a crude, synthetic form of Kryptonite, our hero starts to behave out of the ordinary. Lusting after ladies, oil spills, and alcoholism became some of his favorite hobbies. It all culminated in a junkyard showdown between Bad Superman and the pure Clark Kent. You can probably guess who came out on top.

Now, the fine folks at One Perfect Shot decided to take the Bad Superman concept and expand upon it. Through some creative editing, they have concocted a trailer that presents Superman III from the perspective of that of a horror movie. I applaud them for making Bad Superman look rather terrifying in the context of the footage, but can it stand up to the Mrs. Doubtfire horror movie trailer? I guess that’s for the online community to decide.

Several more evil Supermen have since found their way into pop culture. Who could forget Justice Lord Superman from the Justice League animated series or when Smallville actually brought Ultraman to the small screen? The most popular may be that of the Superman from the hit video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, a Man of Steel who crossed the line and eventually went mad with power. Sure, the previous versions I mentioned followed somewhat similar paths, but the Injustice version of the character had that special something.

Tell us, are you a fan of Superman III? What did you think of the horror trailer? Let us know in the comments section below.