Apparently Superman Won’t Cameo In Shazam! After All


Whether or not Shazam! will indeed be able to carry a feature length film on his own is still up for debate. After all, Billy Batson isn’t due to dawn the cape inside your local multiplex until early next year, but, after a strong showing at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, it’s looking far more likely that the hero will be able to knock one out of the park.

Sadly, what with Dwayne Johnson confirming earlier this month that his Black Adam won’t be appearing in the David F. Sandberg-directed motion picture, it does look like the titular superhero will be forced to wow moviegoers by himself. And unfortunately for Batson, another big name dropped out of Shazam! earlier today.

Although it was rumored that none other than Henry Cavill’s Superman would be swinging by the upcoming solo feature for a cameo, according to Mark Hughes of Forbes, Clark Kent will no longer be making an appearance in the pic.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It didn’t work out, getting Superman into Shazam!, apparently. Maybe that’ll change, and they’ll be able to film something. There’s still a lot of time before it comes out, but as of right now there’s no Superman in Shazam! and there’s no movement on a Superman solo movie.”

While Hughes does acknowledge the possibility of a cameo, it’s not looking good. And seeing as the studio’s intent on increasing the distance between their Worlds of DC entries, this remark does have a certain level of merit behind it.

Nonetheless, by the time Shazam! opens on April 5th, 2019, we’re hopeful that the trials and tribulations of the DCEU will be a thing of the past, and we’ll all be looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984 and whatever else Warner Bros. has planned for Worlds of DC.