MUST-WATCH: Superman’s Resurrection Scene From Justice League Leaks Online


It’s the question DC fans have been asking ever since the Man of Steel sacrificed himself to take down Doomsday in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: just how exactly is Superman going to return from the dead in Justice League? Would he come back confused, or possibly evil? Would he wear the black and silver suit like in the comics? So many questions, so few answers.

Until now, that is. Following on from the leaks of the two post-credits scenes, the all-important sequence where Henry Cavill’s Kryptonian is resurrected has now arrived online and can be seen down below – via Reddit. It should go without saying, but we’d urge you to watch it quickly, if you’re interested, as it’s sure to be taken offline by Warner Bros. in no time at all.

The scene begins with Superman wandering around Heroes Park in Metropolis, confused (and shirtless, Cavill fans). It’s then revealed that the Justice League are nearby, watching him and amazed at his return. At first, they’re overjoyed, but it soon becomes clear that their old ally has not come back from the dead fully-functioning. He has no memory of who he is and attacks them.

Cue an awesome fight scene as the League attempt to restrain Superman. They try to remind him of who he is, but it doesn’t work… until Amy Adams’ Lois Lane arrives on the scene.

You asked for it… from DCEUleaks

It’s a terrific sequence and one that should really please fans in multiple ways. For starters, Danny Elfman’s score offers up a darker version of John Williams’ classic Superman theme at the moment he turns to face the League. It doesn’t make him into a full-on villain, as had been theorized beforehand, but we do get some Supes vs. Justice League action all the same.

What we still don’t know is whether Clark goes on to don the aforementioned black suit after this scene, or how he fully comes to his senses. We have been told, though, that once he does, the character will be “the true Superman,” according to Henry Cavill himself.

Be sure to catch Justice League when it lands in cinemas on November 17th.