Marvel Will Reportedly Wait At Least 5 Years To Reboot The X-Men


Fans are eager to see what Kevin Feige and his team at Marvel Studios will do with the X-Men, but don’t expect to see mutants running around the MCU just yet. That’s according to a new rumor, which states that the characters the House of Ideas just got from Fox in the historic Disney buyout won’t be folded into the franchise for another half a decade.

A new Reddit user who goes by the name TheMarvelScoopMaster has been sharing supposedly leaked info on the MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit all week and amongst his many scoops is the news that Marvel’s current “3-4 year plan” will prohibit any X-Men or Fantastic Four films from appearing in the not-too-distant future.

“Marvel operates on a hard 3-4 year plan, and beyond that is vague ideas and concepts. With some exceptions, you’re not going to see Fox-Marvel characters inside that 3-4 year window. Minor characters sure, but don’t expect X-Men, F4, or Doom.”

Another user then asked how this squared with a recent rumor that claimed Marvel is working on an FF solo movie for release in 2022. TheMarvelScoopMaster called this out as “fake,” again writing that we’ve got at least five years to wait first.

“Fake. Marvel won’t have anything F4/X-Men related for another 5 years at the least. There’s 10+ projects that are further in development and with 3 movies a year, Marvel has at least 3-4 years of content to push out first.”

As usual, we shouldn’t take this info as red. However, all of what the leaker says does make a lot of sense. Kevin Feige himself has pretty much said as much, previously commenting that Marvel’s already got the next five years of films lined up so, it would be a “very long” time before the X-Men were introduced. Meanwhile, that Fantastic Four rumor has also been debunked by another source.

The fact that some “minor characters” previously owned by Fox could show up in the MCU sooner, though, is interesting. After all, there’s a lot Marvel could do with dropping the odd mutant or FF supporting character here and there.

In the meantime, the original X-Men franchise wraps up with Dark Phoenix, in cinemas now.

Source: Reddit