A Surprising Benedict Cumberbatch Film Is Dominating Netflix Again


Will mankind ever learn? Going by the re-entry of a Christmas movie into the Netflix Top 10 most-watched films list before we’ve even had Halloween, I’m thinking no.

2018’s holiday animation The Grinch, which starred Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character, is back in the Netflix Top 10, currently sitting as the tenth most-watched movie on the global charts. The film had previously enjoyed a spot on the prestigious list in July (more than once), August and now September. At this point, it feels like an ongoing saga.

If I could put a positive spin on this, I guess viewers are going in the right direction? September is closer to Christmas than August, and August closer than July. At this rate, The Grinch will finally make the Top 10 in a festive month (of which there are only two, November and December).

Still, Benedict Cumberbatch’s holiday movie making the most-streamed list in the fall is at least preferable to some of the other titles people have been revisiting. There are a couple of absolute stinkers on today’s roll call. The must-avoids are The Emoji Movie at number 6 and Fifty Shades Freed at number 4. Is there really nothing better on Netflix for viewers to watch? I get that Disney Plus have eaten into their catalogue, but come on. Things aren’t so bad that we have to inflict this kind of cultural self-harm upon ourselves. At the very least, subscribe to a provider with healthier content to offer.

Anyway, that’s my latest Christmas rant over. Comment below if you’re one of those conniving acolytes to have been keeping The Grinch alive at all times of the year. As Michael Caine presciently warned us in The Dark Knight, some people just want to watch the world burn.