Susanne Bier’s A Second Chance, With Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gets A First Image And Full Plot Synopsis

a second chance

Though her Depression-era drama Serena, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, is still sitting on a shelf somewhere, director Susanne Bier is still moving from project to project. She was previously attached to direct Love Is All You Need but eventually dropped. Now, she’s settled on A Second Chance, an intense drama starring Game of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (pictured above in the first image from the film). Though we already knew that the film would address the moral turpitude faced by those who have endured terrible tragedies, a new plot synopsis has shed some light on what we can expect.

Coster-Waldau, who was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for his performance as Jaime Lannister on HBO’s Game of Thrones, has more than proven that he has dramatic depth to spare, so I’m very excited to see what he does as the star of A Second Chance. He certainly looks like he’s been through the wringer in the above image, but we’ll have to wait a while to find out exactly who or what’s been hounding him – the film has no set release date as of yet.

The new plot synopsis reads as follows:

Detectives and best friends Andreas and Simon lead vastly different lives; Andreas has settled down with his beautiful wife and son; while Simon, recently divorced, spends most of his waking hours getting drunk at the local strip club. But all that changes when the two of them are called out to a domestic dispute between a junkie couple, caught in a vicious cycle of violence and drugs. It all looks very routine – until Andreas finds the couple’s infant son, crying in a closet. The usually collected policeman finds himself confronted with his own powerlessness and is shaken to his core. As Andreas slowly loses his grip on justice, it suddenly becomes up to the unruly Simon to restore the balance between right and wrong. “A Second Chance” is a shocking, moving and thrilling drama about real people forced into incredible circumstances.

Anders Thomas Jensen, who notably collaborated with Bier on Open Hearts and In A Better World, penned the script for this one. Given Coster-Waldau’s ability and Bier’s skill as a director, I’m very excited to check out A Second Chance when it finally hits theatres.

What do you think of the plot details we’ve received so far? Is A Second Chance a film that you’ll be giving a chance? Let us know in the comments!

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