Sweetness In The Belly Reunites Brooklyn Duo Saoirse Ronan And Alan Moloney

saoirse ronan

Though she ultimately lucked out of the Oscar for Best Actress – Brie Larson took home the iconic statuette for her breakout performance in Room – Irish starlet Saoirse Ronan delivered an impressive tour-de-force in Brooklyn, John Crowley’s sweeping romantic drama that follows one young woman on her immigration to the US of A.

Released in 2015, the film also allowed Ronan to strike up a partnership with producer Alan Moloney and now, two years later, Deadline is reporting that the creative duo are set to reunite for Sweetness In The Belly. Camilla Gibb’s bestseller will serve as the jumping-off point for director Zeresenay “Zee” Berhane Mehari, who is no stranger to Hollywood’s festival circuit after Difret impressed attendees at 2014’s Sundance Film Festival.

Taking point as Lilly Abdal, Saoirse Ronan’s lead character is described as a woman caught between two places: one of her birth parents and the other, where she was adopted, raised and fell in love.

Here’s the official synopsis pulled from Gibb’s novel:

“Orphaned in Africa as a child, Lilly’s first experience of her parents’ homeland of England is as a refugee, escaping civil war. As lost in this cold new world as her fellow immigrants, Lilly becomes the heart of this disenfranchised community in London, attempting to reunite people with their scattered families. But as her friend Amina discovers, Lilly’s mission isn’t purely altruistic and a passionate lost love affair is revealed between Lilly and Aziz, an idealistic doctor.”

Sweetness In The Belly will lens from September 2017 ahead of an expected release early next year. Elsewhere on Ronan’s docket, the Irish Oscar-nominee has secured parts in Loving VincentOn Chesil Beach and Michael Mayer’s romantic drama The Seagull.

Source: Deadline