SyFy Keeps The Asylum In Business By Ordering Zombie Series Z Nation


Just in case anyone forgot, production company The Asylum are the masterminds behind SyFy’s most recent cultural phenomenon, Sharknado. You know, that creature feature about a tornado filled with sharks? I’ve inserted the above image to jog your memory just in case you forgot about all the chainsaw fighting action, and now I’m sure you’re all chomping at the bit just thinking about how The Asylum can bring their unmatched cinematic prowess to the ever-popular zombie genre. One can only assume we’ll be treated to another bit of episodic zombie brilliance, amassing viewing numbers comparable to The Walking Dead – no?

Seriously SyFy, why do you keep these guys in business? In an effort to let The Asylum get their schlocky paws on another popular genre, SyFy has ordered 13 episodes of a show titled Z Nation, a zombie action thriller “set three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country.” We’ll meet a team of “everyday heroes” who must transport the plague’s last survivor from New York to California, where some scientists can use his blood and hopefully save the world. They’ll traverse America’s disheveled terrain and fight zombies along the way, encountering walkers (runners?) and other unfavorables alike I’m sure, in an effort to save humanity. Sounds, um, original, and not like a cheap rehash of Eugene’s arc on The Walking Dead right now. Nope – not one bit.

SyFy’s SVP Chris Regina had the follow to say about Z Nation:

Z Nation is a unique new journey into the long established zombie genre. Instead of existential despair, the series offers hope that somehow, some way, humanity will not only survive, but triumph.

Z Nation will be produced by Karl Schaefer (Eureka), who will also serve as the showrunner, so at least this zombie thriller is in proven hands? I don’t know, I’m stretching here. What do you want me to say? I’m supposed to get excited about a zombie television show airing on a network obsessed with a hack production company responsible for such abysmal productions as Paranormal Entity, Android Cop, and Transmorphers: Fall Of Man? Sure, they’ve created some insane B-Movie work, but this fit just doesn’t seem right.

Whatever, at least it’s not Zombienado or some shit. Zombie Crocosauruses Vs. The Two Headed Sharktoseagull From Hell. I don’t know. Pick some animals and a natural disaster and boom – you’ve got the next hit for The Asylum. Z Nation doesn’t sound like their typical content though, so of course I have to ask – are you going to tune in for Z Nation when it premieres?

I mean, at least it won’t have Carl or ghost Lori? There. There’s my positivity.

Source: Deadline