Syfy Channel Airing Saw Marathon This Weekend


Of all the film marathons to undertake while locked in at home during a pandemic, Saw wouldn’t necessarily be on my list. Some of you may be braver (or more foolish) than I, though, and if Saw was on yours, this news ought to be useful.

As part of a day they’re dubbing “Saw and Disorder” (why is everyone riffing on the 80s of late?), the Syfy channel are broadcasting a marathon of Saw movies this Sunday the 26th, beginning with Saw II and ending with the most recent film in the series, Jigsaw.

Here’s the timetable for the telethon in full:

Saw II – 8:30-10:30AM ET/PT
Saw III – 10:30AM-12:30PM ET/PT
Saw IV – 1-3PM ET/PT
Saw V – 3-5PM ET/PT
Saw VI – 5-7PM ET/PT
Saw 3D – 7-9PM ET/PT
Jigsaw – 9-11PM ET/PT

Curiously, the marathon doesn’t include the first and most popular movie. At a guess, it’s to do with rights. After all, I imagine Saw is much more expensive to broadcast than its sequels. Still, if you already possess a copy, it’s an easy problem to fix. Does mean an early start, though. Maybe watch it the night before? The logistics behind marathons can be daunting, so make sure you’ve got plenty of provisions, as no one wants to finish the session brain dead.

Thinking about sitting down for the Syfy Saw horrorfest this Sunday? Or perhaps you’ve got a different saga lined up. A few weeks ago they hosted a Harry Potter day. That seems much more Sunday afternoon on the couch than Saw, but hey, maybe the day of rest is now the day of schlock.

Anyway, leave a comment with your own marathon plans down below. I’m going to sit this one out. After all, who needs horror movies when you’ve got 24 hour news?