Sylvester Stallone May Bring Rambo To Television


Sylvester Stallone is planning on bringing his second most famous film series to television. Yes, that’s right, Sly will be bringing Rambo to the small screen and is now in talks with Entertainment One and Nu Image to consult on and potentially star in a TV show based on the famous action franchise.

Of course, this begs the question of will we ever see a fifth Rambo film? There’s no word on that just yet but it seems like Stallone thinks that television is the best option for the series at this point.

No network has picked up the show but considering that there will be quite a bit of violence in it, or at least I assume there will be, I wouldn’t mind seeing HBO or Showtime take it on. If you’re going to bring Rambo to the small screen, you need to do it right. A watered down version would not go over well with fans.

As for which the direction the show will go in, that’s anyone’s guess. I mean, the most likely choice seems like it would be a prequel of sorts. Or maybe a present day story where Stallone takes more of a back seat and instead the starring role is given to a youngster? I mean, sure, I’d love to see Stallone back as Rambo, kicking ass and taking names. It’s just that I think he’s getting a bit old for that right now and besides, Stallone has never really been one for television, so I can’t see him making the jump.

We’ll keep you posted when more details surface but for now, let us know in the comments if you’re interested in seeing a Rambo TV show.