Sylvester Stallone Down For A Sixth Rambo Movie If Last Blood’s A Success


There’s always an inherent danger in naming a movie “final” or “last.”

Take Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, for instance. While Paul W. S. Anderson very much closed the book on Alice’s story, there have already been rumblings of a potential TV revival. And therein lies the risk to undermine the supposed finale that came before.

The same is true of Rambo V: Last Blood, after lead star and all-around franchise veteran Sylvester Stallone hinted at the possibility of a sixth movie, providing those all-important box office numbers are up to snuff. While appearing at Cannes Film Festival, Stallone recalled his experience on Rocky, during which time he believed the famous underdog story would conclude after round three. And we all know how that turned out.

Could the same be true of Rambo?

“I thought Rocky 3 was the last, you know. So I don’t know anything. If it works I’ll just keep going, you know because I enjoy it so much.”

As Stallone fans know all too well, the seasoned action hero went on to star in another three Rocky movies before taking on a supporting role for the Creed spinoffs, in which his Italian Stallion passes on the mantle to Michael B. Jordan’s up-and-comer. Whether future Rambo films will incorporate a similar changing of the guard is another question entirely, as there’s really no one quite like Sly. Nevertheless, we live in hope that Last Blood won’t spell the end of this cult action franchise as the title suggests.

Rambo V: Last Blood pummels its way into theaters on September 20th, and all signs point to a visceral throwback to the heyday of cheesy action cinema. Think Commando, Running Man, Road House… that kinda’ thing. And boy, are we in for a treat.