A Sylvester Stallone-Led Guardians Of The Galaxy Spinoff Is A Possibility


Here’s something you didn’t expect to learn today: James Gunn has had discussions with Marvel about Sylvester Stallone leading a Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff film.

While speaking with Collider, the director revealed that a movie featuring the Ravagers has been talked about. “There’s always discussion with Ravagers,” Gunn said. He also clarified that it wouldn’t go by the more comic book accurate title of Guardians of the Galaxy 3000. Rather, it would simply be called The Ravagers.

If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, you’ll know that the Rocky star joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a cameo in the movie as Stakar, a comic book superhero reimagined as the leader of the Ravagers. One of the many post-credits scenes of the sequel teased that there would be more to come from Stakar’s team in future, but we had assumed that meant Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3rather than a spinoff.

It’s not like Stallone would be the only big star in The Ravagers, either The previously mentioned post-credits scene included a bunch of other famous names as Stakar’s fellow captains. We saw Star Trek: Discovery‘s Michelle Yeoh as Aleta Ogord, Ving Rhames (Mission: Impossible) as Charlie-27, Smallville‘s Michael Rosenbaum as Martinex and even the voice of Miley Cyrus as Mainframe. Those guys – based off the original Guardians in the comics – would easily make an interesting ensemble to rival Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot and the rest of the gang.

But would James Gunn be interested in directing The Ravagers? He’s said in the past that he’s done with the Guardians franchise after Vol. 3, but it looks like he would consider helming a spinoff. “I would be excited about it,” he told Collider.

If you want to remind yourself of Stallone’s role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2you can relive the movie when it arrives on digital download next Tuesday, with a Blu-Ray/DVD release to follow two weeks later.

Source: Collider

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