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Sylvester Stallone Shows Us His Man Cave In New Rambo 5 Pic

Testosterone levels run high for the production of the upcoming Rambo 5, with a new photo from Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram giving us our first glimpse at the ‘80s action hero’s “man cave.”

Testosterone levels run high for the production of the upcoming Rambo 5, with a new photo from Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram giving us our first glimpse at the ‘80s action hero’s “man cave.”

Unlike most man caves, though, this room doesn’t consist of an Xbox, a mini-fridge, and a recliner chair facing the TV, but rather an assortment of armaments, including a row of rifles and what appears to be a machine gun. Stallone, meanwhile, is wielding Rambo’s trademark knife with a slightly melancholic look on his face.

For these last few weeks, life has proven to be one big man cave for the actor, who last month posted a clip of his time spent bulking up at the gym in preparation for returning to one of his most famous roles. Last week, we even saw him dressed in full cowboy attire and riding horseback in the film’s first photos.

Much of what we’ve seen so far looks like it was taken from the early sections of the next Rambo, when the star is still settled into a life of quiet retirement on a family ranch in Arizona. These peaceful times are soon disrupted, however, when a group of local girls are kidnapped by a Mexican sex trafficking ring. Paz Vega has recently been announced to play the journalist who helps John track down these captives while presumably leaving a body or two along the way, though no other casting updates have arisen yet.

As the first entry in this long-running action saga since 2008’s Rambo, here’s hoping that Rambo 5 can add more to the series than easy nostalgia. No release date has been set, but if you’re in urgent need of a Stallone fix, Rocky spinoff Creed II will be in theaters from November 21st.

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