Sylvester Stallone Teases Rambo 5 Announcement Coming Soon


Though Sylvester Stallone has certainly starred in his fair share of films over the years, there are two roles that immediately spring to mind whenever his name’s mentioned, those being Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Having originally played them at a young age, Sly eventually reprised both parts decades later, further cementing their place in the annals of cinematic history.

The actor isn’t finished with them, either, as Rambo 5 was announced not too long ago. From what we understand, the sequel will see the titular hero take on a Mexican drug cartel in an effort to find his friend’s kidnapped daughter. Plot details beyond that remain under lock and key, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see if the property still resonates with audiences this long after it first sprang into existence. Especially when you consider that the last few installments in the series haven’t been that great.

Still, the excitement for Rambo to return is palpable and with filming set to commence this September, it comes as no surprise that Stallone’s now getting into the spirit. Taking to Instagram earlier today, the actor shared the below photo along with a cryptic caption that reads, “THE SAVAGE IS RISING! … soon.” What exactly that means is hard to say, but when coupled with the image, we presume he’s teasing some kind of big announcement about John Rambo that’s just around the corner.

Again, we don’t know much about what this fifth installment has in store for us just yet, but this is a franchise with a long history, with the first movie – a true action classic, might we add – spawning three more films, the most recent of which releasing in 2008 when Stallone once again took point as the title lead. As such, we’re hopeful that for what we presume will be the actor’s final outing as the beloved character, the producers have something special cooked up.

And even if for some reason Rambo 5 fails to deliver, we can at least look forward to a fourth installment in the Expendables franchise for Sly, though it seems he’ll be uniting the world’s greatest action heroes without the help of Terry Crews, who bowed out of the ensemble piece due to a clash with producer Avi Lerner.