Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi Has An Idea For A Vision Movie


Taika Waititi made a big impression with his first Marvel movie in last November’s Thor: Ragnarok, so fans are obviously intrigued to see if he does any further work for the studio. The director has spoken before about being up for a potential Thor 4 and maybe even a spinoff for his own beloved character Korg, but what other heroes from the MCU would he like to take a crack at?

While talking with ET to promote Thor: Ragnarok‘s arrival on DVD and Blu-Ray, Waititi revealed that he has a unique idea for a movie starring Paul Bettany’s Vision. Apparently, he’d be interested in seeing a mockumentary, in the style of his 2014 vampire comedy film What We Do in the Shadows, about what the android gets up to in his daily life.

“Apart from Korg, I would love to see Vision. How about Vision, how about a documentary? A mockumentary? Like a What We Do In The Shadows meets Vision movie. See what he gets up to, you know what his day-to-day life [is]. What’s it’s like for him in his downtime. I know a little bit because he was cooking for Scarlet Witch in Ultron. So, sometimes he likes to cook. But what else does he like to do?”

Vision in Age of Ultron

Upon the suggestion of the interviewer that he could turn it into a romcom, Waititi went off on a hilarious riff about what such a film could be, which somehow ends with him pitching a movie about conjoined twins.

Obviously, the director’s mostly joking here, but if he really wants to take a crack at Vision, hopefully Marvel Studios will let that happen. After all, the character is one of the most po-faced, serious-minded members of the Avengers and he could use a bit of Waititi’s signature humour to humanize him.

That said, we’d doubt Marvel would fund a mockumentary comedy as part of the MCU. Instead, maybe Waititi could make his “Vision: A Day in the Life” film as a short straight-to-DVD special, much like Thor: Ragnarok‘s accompanying piece about the God of Thunder living with his pal Daryl?

While we wait to see if anything comes of this pitch, we can at least look forward to Paul Bettany’s fan favorite returning to the big screen on May 4th, when Avengers: Infinity War touches down in theaters.

Source: ET