Taken 3 Confirmed By Screenwriter

Hollywood.com is reporting the news that we all expected, Taken 3 is happening.

Go on, let out your groan, sigh in sadness and shudder at the thought, but accept it, Liam Neeson isn’t done kicking ass just yet.

Most of the reviews on Taken 2 were less than kind, but the box office result was fairly impressive. So, 20th Century Fox has given the go ahead for a Taken 3, as confirmed by screenwriter Mark Kamen.

Of course, no plot details have been revealed but Kamen has said that the film will “go in another direction” from the previous two and, in turn, “[s]hould be interesting.”

Call me a cynic but I’m expecting another recycled/rehashed film with Taken 3. In fact, we spoke to Neeson a few weeks back and he told us that Taken 3 likely wouldn’t happen, telling us that “I think this is the end. I mean, how many times can she be taken? It’s bad parenthood, really.”

Well, it looks like the dollar signs were too hard to resist and unfortunately, we’ll be getting another Taken film. Let’s just hope that Olivier Megaton isn’t back at the helm.

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