Takers Takes The Weekend Box Office, Not The Last Exorcism

Despite the early reports on Sunday, it seems as if Takers won the weekend box office race, not The Last Exorcism. On the weekend, when the box office report was released, it looked as if The Last Exorcism had just slid past Takers to take the #1 spot. Now that all the numbers are in, it seems as if Takers was the true winner.

The final numbers have Takers at $20.5 million and The Last Exorcism at $20.4 million, according to IMDB. The film was the underdog but it looks like the great Twitter marketing campaign carried out by the film’s stars (T.I., Idris Elba and Chris Brown) helped get the word out.

T.I. even tweeted the following today: “The real #’s are out and we did it!!! #TAKERS is #1!!!”

All I have to say is good job! The Last Exorcism was absolutely awful and I thought Takers was very enjoyable and I really enjoyed it. I’m very happy to see it at the #1 spot. Hopefully this means we’ll get a sequel. Who knows?

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