Talking To The Cast Of Gimme Shelter At The NYC Premiere


Hitting theatres this week is Ronald Krauss’s Gimme Shelter, a new independent drama that’s based on a compelling true story.

Featuring two superb performances from stars Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson, the film focuses on Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Hudgens), a pregnant teenager who runs away from her abusive mother June (Dawson) in order to find out who her real father is. Once she finds him though, he doesn’t approve of her having a baby and she finds herself once again on the run and with nowhere to go. After a car accident lands her in the hospital, she ends up taking up residence in a shelter for pregnant young women. It’s not long though before June finds Apple and once she does she’s determined not to let her go again.

Earlier this week, Gimme Shelter had its red carpet premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. We were lucky enough to be in attendance and while there we caught up with Hudgens, Dawson, Krauss, Ann Dowd (who plays Kathy DiFiore) as well as the real life Kathy herself. They spoke about what it was like preparing for the film, what kind of story they were trying to tell, why it was important to get this movie made and much more!

Check it all out in the video below and be sure to catch Gimme Shelter as it opens in theatres today!