Talking To The Cast Of Lone Survivor At The NYC Premiere


Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor has gone from “just another war movie” to Oscar hopeful in the span of a few short months. After a well-received screening at the AFI Fest, the film is now gearing up for its December 27th theatrical release, which puts it in prime position to be considered for some awards.

Starring Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor tells the tale of SEAL Team 10’s failed mission to eliminate a high-ranking Taliban leader named Ahmad Shah during the War in Afghanistan. It’s based on Luttrell’s book of the same name and presents a gripping story of courage, heroism and the brutalities of war.

With a supporting cast that includes Eric Bana, Alexander Ludwig, Taylor Kitsch and Emile Hirsch, the film certainly seems poised for a welcome reception once it hits theatres.

Earlier this week, Universal rolled out the red carpet for the NYC premiere of Lone Survivor and we were on hand to cover the event. While we didn’t get a chance to chat with everyone, we did catch up with several of the film’s actors, including Wahlberg, Bana and Ludwig, among others. They spoke about the training regiment they went through to prepare for their roles, what attracted them to the project, their thoughts on the War in Afghanistan and much more.

Check it all out in our exclusive video below and be sure to catch Lone Survivor when it hits theatres on December 27th!