Talking To The Cast And Producers Of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit At The World Premiere


Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine. What do these four actors have in common? I’ll tell you. They’ve all portrayed author Tom Clancy’s iconic CIA analyst Jack Ryan on the big screen. Of course, Pine is the latest one to do so and he’s making his debut with the character in Paramount’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which hits theatres today.

The film sees the titular hero finding himself caught up in a plot that threatens to destroy the U.S. economy. Along for the ride are Kevin Costner as Jack’s CIA mentor, Keira Knightley as his love interest and, of course, Kenneth Branagh in dual roles (directing and portraying the film’s central antagonist). For those who have grown up with the character, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit offers an enjoyable, fan-pleasing, action romp while also serving as a comfortable introduction to the icon for those who might not be familiar with him.

Earlier this week, to celebrate the film’s release, Paramount rolled out the red carpet and held a world premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre. We were lucky enough to be in attendance and while there we caught up with both the cast and producers of this highly anticipated blockbuster. From why Chris Pine was chosen to portray the iconic hero to what we should expect from Ryan’s latest outing, we get the scoop on what is undoubtedly this month’s hottest new release.

Check out the video below and be sure to catch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit as it’s now playing in theatres!