Taylor Kitsch Says No More Green Screen For A While

Taylor Kitsch is done with the green screen, for a while at least. While speaking with us at a recent press conference for his upcoming film Savages, from director Oliver Stone, Kitsch said that though he learnt a lot on the set of his last two films (John Carter and Battleship), he needs a break from the green screen.

Check out what he has to say below.

Working with actors and not green screen was very refreshing. Both Battleship and John Carter taught me an immense amount of patience and I think I really brought that over to Savages. I really loved being on this set though, just going off another actor and creating and collaborating that way was just refreshing. I think I’ll stay on that track, no more green screen for a while.

Honestly, seeing as John Carter and Battleship both bombed, this may be a good decision for the young actor who is still trying to make a name for himself amongst the Hollywood elite.

I’m a fan of Kitsch and his work and I think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets. He’s not responsible for the failure of either of the aforementioned films, at least not in my opinion and I hope Savages turns out well for him.

Stay tuned for the full interview as it will appear on the site closer to the release of Savages. In the meantime though, tell us what you think of Kitsch, are you a fan?