Taylor Lautner To Star In Parkour Thriller Tracers

The Twilight Saga is coming to an end and its three young stars are looking at how to define their careers after the series has finished. Taylor Lautner has already attempted to turn himself into an action star with last year’s Abduction and though things didn’t pan out too well, Deadline is reporting that Lautner will have another go at it with an upcoming thriller called Tracers.

The film is set to be directed by Daniel Benmayor and it will re-unite Lautner with his Twilight producers Mary Bowen and Wyck Godfrey. The film revoles around” Cam, a messenger in New York City who is a wiz on a bike but who’s in debt to an organized crime gang. He crashes his bike into a sexy stranger and is seduced by her and the thrill of the world of parkour that she introduces him to.”

“We’ve had great successes making films for this audience and believe this project will continue our solid track record,” said Bowen. “We had a remarkable experience with Taylor on Twilight and look forward to bringing Cam to life,” added Godfrey.

Truthfully, I don’t see this film doing too much better than Abduction, but who knows? It seems quite similar and Lautner isn’t exactly the most talented individual out there. Hopefully he’ll have better luck with Tracers but until we hear/see more on the film, it’s hard to say how it will turn out.

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