T’Challa Is Let Loose In The First Official Black Panther Clip


It’s going on 12 months since we caught wind of Black Panther‘s immense Korean chase sequence and now, three weeks out from release, we’re beginning to see the dazzling fruits of Marvel’s labor.

Orchestrated by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Creed), the scene itself was shot in Busan, a bustling port city located in South Korea. With each year that passes, it plays host to Asia’s most prestigious film festival, but in 2018, Black Panther will help put Busan on the map for Western audiences. And going by the pic’s blistering first clip, it’ll do so in style.

Truth be told, if you’ve been keeping track of the film’s aggressive marketing campaign, you’ll no doubt be familiar with that rather awesome shot of T’Challa leaping off a pulverized vehicle. Well, we now have some context to what will likely be one of Black Panther‘s coolest takes.

Flanked by his scientist sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright), Chadwick Boseman’s king calls upon his upgraded, neon-purple suit to dispatch the trigger-happy goons, before landing back on the roof of Shur’s supercar. And that’s another thing.

As the footage cuts to the interior of her vehicle, you can see the same web-like technology, leading us to believe that Letitia Wright’s character, one compared to James Bond’s Q, is piloting the car remotely, and is actually located back in Wakanda.

Autonomous vehicles are all the rage nowadays, so it’s not too difficult to imagine a scenario in which the futuristic realm of Wakanda has produced its own cutting-edge spin on the self-driving car – or at least one that can be piloted remotely.

Likened to a certain 007 for his advanced arsenal, Marvel’s Black Panther is expected to tumble off the production line on February 16th – one week after its theatrical debut in the United Kingdom.