The Tea & Crumpet Filmcast: Kingsman, Big Hero 6 And Inherent Vice (Episode 15)


Another week, another Filmcast. In the T & C’s most action packed episode of the year so far, Liam (Dom’s still on hiatus, but will be back next week – promise) is joined by Dr. Lindsay Hallam (Lecturer in Film at the University of East London), David James (London City Nights) and Matthew Lee (Screen Robot) to discuss an exhaustive and exhausting week at the movies.

Kicking off with a review of Big Hero 6, the gang then segue into a discussion of Julius Avery’s pretty bonkers Son of a Gun – including an exclusive interview with the man himself. Then it’s an all-out run through the rest of the UK’s big releases, with Paul Thomas Anderson’s kind of incomprehensible but kind of great Inherent Vice taking precedent before reviews of Beyond Clueless and a roundtable discussion of the spectacularly silly Kingsman: The Secret Service polish the show off.

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