The Tea & Crumpet Filmcast: Shaun The Sheep Movie, Jupiter Ascending And Talkin’ Sundance (Episode 16)


Having finally clawed his way back from Park City, Utah, Dom joins a semi-depleted gang to run through the major releases hitting Britain for the first half of February. Joined by the apparently omnipresent David James, Dom and Liam discuss biopic exhaustion, why Eddie Redmayne should’ve really won the Oscar for Jupiter Ascending, and whether there was anything on at Sundance this year that was actually worth watching (spoilers: there was).

Kicking off with a review of the Shaun the Sheep Movie (and the shocking revelation that a certain member of the Filmcast doesn’t like Chicken Run), the team then run through the UK Box Office Top Ten (more Birdman love, more Hobbit hate) and on into a gauntlet of movie releases, including Selma, The Interview and the catastrophically batshit Jupiter Ascending.

Check it out below, and enjoy!

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