The Tea & Crumpet Filmcast: End Of Year Special (Episode 12)


In their final show of the year, the gang put their exhausted, film-addled heads together one last time before 2015 comes a knockin’. This week, Liam is joined (via the magic of Skype) by Dom and regular contributors Dr. Lindsay Hallam and David James, as well as the triumphantly returning Matthew Lee.

Tasked with summing up one hell of a year of cinema, the gang run down their personal lists of best and (of course) worst movies of the year – as well as discussing the movies everyone should be excited about in the coming months. From Werner Herzog to Michael Fassbender’s penis, no end of year filmcast is anywhere near as all-encompassing,

The Tea & Crumpet crew would like to thank everyone involved in the show – be they contributor or, of course, listener – in what’s proven to be a lively and fantastically fun inaugural year. Here’s to an even better 2015!

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