Is This The Team We’ll See In The X-Force Movie?

OinsHoC (1)

The above concept art may have just revealed the characters that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming X-Force film. That is, if it’s even still in development.

Last we heard, Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow was still working away on the script and was in line to helm 20th Century Fox’s X-Men spinoff, but there have also been rumors that the project had fallen by the wayside. Whatever the case may be, a new piece of concept art seems to confirm which characters will be (or, would have been) utilized for the team.

Apparently, artist Gregory Semkow worked with Wadlow on the image, and it gives us a look at the Marvel heroes that make up the X-Force roster in the script. There’s the leader, Cable, his right-hand woman Domino, Warpath, Cannonball flying in the background, and a mysterious hooded female.

There are several characters that she could be, but considering the others are all members of the original lineup. my guess is it’s supposed to be either Boom Boom or a more human looking take on Feral.

Again, there’s a chance X-Force has been scrapped – but if it does go ahead and this is the team they’ll use, what would you think of the choices? As always, let us know in the comments section.