Teen Taking Bird Box Challenge Crashes Her Car While Blindfolded


Have you heard of the Bird Box challenge yet? We imagine you have, seeing how it’s completely taking over social media at the moment, with everyone looking to get in on the fun. Although, we’re not quite sure anymore if ‘fun’ is the right word to describe it.

Inspired by Netflix’s hit movie of the same name, it tasks participants with performing everyday tasks while blindfolded. Clearly, the idea stems from how the characters in Bird Box are unable to open their eyes while outside due to an unseen presence that drives anyone who sees it to commit suicide. As such, they all need to wear blindfolds when they aren’t indoors.

It’s an interesting premise for a film, but not one that should be replicated in real life. That hasn’t stopped folks from trying it out though and now, it seems that the first major accident has occurred from someone taking the challenge. Seen below, a teen in Utah was driving blindfolded and, much to the surprise of no one, learned the hard way that doing such a thing probably isn’t the best idea.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the crash, but it really does baffle us how some people can be so stupid. Doing small tasks while blindfolded is one thing – though we don’t even recommend that – but getting behind the wheel of a car while restricting your vision is beyond dumb and as Bird Box only continues to grow in popularity, we imagine there’ll be more and more people trying to get in on the challenge.

Hopefully they’ll be responsible about it though and not try to do anything as stupid as driving a car. There may not be any demonic presences in our world causing people to commit suicide, but blindfolding yourself while trying to perform everyday tasks is still a pretty dangerous thing.

Source: CBC