Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ Post-Credits Scene Will Make Fans Happy


Teen Titans and its successor Teen Titans GO! are perhaps the most fun, lighthearted and enjoyable superhero cartoons on TV, so it’s always seemed a little peculiar to me that the show’s fanbase is one of the most aggressively vicious and potentially violent out there. Pretty much all of this anger arises from the original Teen Titans, which was lighthearted but essentially in the same vein as the Diniverse animated shows.

It was eventually cancelled and replaced by Teen Titans GO!, which kept the same cast and characters but changed the designs and made everything much sillier. Of course, fans of the original hate it to the point of issuing death threats against the cast, producers and studio. But now, Teen Titans GO! To The Movies has attempted to heal this schism with its post-credits scene.

Here’s how ComicBook.com describes it:

The credits sequences begins to get all distorted and wavy, like the reception on an old TV, and we see a “home movie” of the original Teen Titans 2000s cartoon series. All of a sudden, a portal opens up in the middle of the screen, and we find the original Teen Titans cartoon characters looking out, with Robin proclaiming to his team that, “we may have found another way to come back.”

For the casual viewer, the scene is probably a bit confusing, but to fans, it’s total catnip. Even better, it hints that we could see more of the original Teen Titans cast. After all, it’d be pretty interesting to get a crossover with the GO! gang – though the characters’ voices might get a little confusing after a while. Whether this ever leads to anything or not, it at least proves that Cartoon Network haven’t forgotten about the original Titans.

It also means that with the live-action Titans set to premiere later this year, we could have three separate incarnations of the team on TV. That’s surely enough for even the angriest fan, right?