Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Fires Back At Ryan Reynolds’ Jest


These days, wars of words taking place on social media are unfortunately commonplace. In most cases, they’re downright shameful, as common folk, celebrities and politicians have each proven they aren’t immune to this practice. But sometimes these back-and-forths are done in good fun, and that’s the kind of situation we’re dealing with here.

Having originally ignited this battle by having Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ latest trailer liken Deathstroke to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, the man synonymous with the latter, has since responded by making a joke that the two badasses are nothing alike.

Of course, those of us who’ve kept up with comic books know that Wade Wilson was, in fact, patterned after Slade Wilson, though the two generously diverged in terms of personality as time passed. In my opinion, it all worked out for the better because both characters have proven to be extremely popular.

Still, the Twitter account belonging to DC’s upcoming animated film has boldly countered Reynolds’ jest by pointing out that Deathstroke and Deadpool are actually different – and that their guy in the former came first.

Here, take a look at this Top 10 list posted in celebration of “Mind Manipulation Monday”:

So, while whomever may be the better looking of the two is strictly a matter of opinion, it should be interesting to see if Reynolds has a comeback for this polite jab. One would think you’d have to compare him to Will Arnett since he’s voicing Slade in this instance, but this all seems quite meta-textual in context.

As for when you can catch these costumed personalities on the big screen, know that Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on May 18, with Teen Titans Go! To The Movies bringing up the rear on July 27.