Tekken: Blood Vengeance Movie Trailer Revealed

There is a history of beat-em-ups getting turned into sub-par action flicks, with such massive gobbling turkeys as Dead or Alive, Double Dragon, and Street Fighter entering the blessedly short list of awful adaptations. Now it seems that the Tekken franchise is going to make the leap, complete with gimmicky animated 3D and the inevitable lashings of melodrama, according to CVG.

With a screenplay from Dai Sato, the man behind Cowboy Bebop and the Ghost in the Shell animated series, there is some potential for Tekken: Blood Vengeance to be decent enough, although its translation into English might mar any quality that could be apparent to Japanese viewers.

Of course the biggest fear is that the whole movie will become the equivalent of an extended cut scene from the games, leaving fans jabbing at thin air as they flail for the controllers that aren’t there to skip the dialogue and get to the bone-crunching showdowns.