Tenet Star Reportedly Eyed For Mister Fantastic In MCU’s Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four
Image via Marvel Entertainment

It would be one of the largest understatements possible to say that the Fantastic Four don’t have a great track record on the big screen. The iconic superhero team have been the subject of four movies so far, the first of which was only made to keep hold of the rights and never released, the last of which is widely regarded as one of the worst entries in the history of the comic book genre, and then the two tedious Tim Story efforts.

With Marvel Studios now finally in control of the rights, though, fans will be hoping that the Fantastic Four finally get the cinematic adaptation they deserve now that they’re under the roof of the world’s biggest and most popular franchise. While we’re still a long way away yet from seeing them debut, there’s no doubt that Kevin Feige and his team are already putting the pieces into place behind the scenes.

At this point, it seems that fans would reject anybody other than John Krasinksi playing Mr. Fantastic, but we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones that told us She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows were in the works for Disney Plus months before either was confirmed – that Marvel are also eying one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising stars for Reed Richards.

According to our intel, John David Washington is one of the top contenders for the role along with Krasinski. Will Smith is reportedly on the shortlist, too, but the A-lister is now 51 years-old and the studio are reportedly thinking of going much younger given that the Fantastic Four are set to play a major role in the MCU throughout Phase Five and beyond.

While Krasinski might be the obvious choice, Washington would also be an inspired pick. The 35 year-old son of Denzel is already poised to escape from his legendary father’s shadow having starred in Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers and broken out in a huge way with his acclaimed lead performance in BlacKkKlansman. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet will see his star ascend even further and he definitely fits Marvel’s track record of casting talents just below the A-list that then use their status in the MCU to propel their careers to new heights.