The Terminator BTS Video Offers New Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Human Character


Tim Miller’s The Terminator not only sees Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his role as the T-800, but the Austrian star will also play the original human who served as the basis for the cyborg’s design, and in this new promotional video courtesy of the Hungarian National Film Fund, we get a better idea of how this franchise newcomer will look.

The video takes us behind the scenes of the film’s Budapest set, where Schwarzenegger discusses the series’ associations with the region before dropping the obligatory catchphrase. Also heard speaking is Andrew G. Vajna, who boasts producing credits for several Terminator projects and now works as Government Commissioner for the Hungarian film industry.

Though the promo generally avoids giving away too much about the movie itself, we do see Schwarzenegger looking a lot more laid back than he usually is in these films, hanging out in front of a house with his co-stars and a new canine companion while the gang enjoys a few cold ones. He’s even dressed more casually, and is sporting a little facial hair.

Though plot details for The Terminator are practically nonexistent, the fact that Schwarzenegger’s character inspired the subsequent line of cybernetic organisms suggests that his scenes might be set in the present day, or at least not too far in the future. That being said, the fact that every previous installment in the series save for the first two has been struck from the continuity leaves a lot of blank space on the franchise timeline for the new movie to do with it as it will.

With James Cameron back on production duties, it really looks like the team is making an effort to recapture the magic of the first two outings, but we’ll find out if The Terminator can fare any better than the sequels it’s ignoring when the film hits theaters on November 1st, 2019.

Source: YouTube

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