New Terminator: Dark Fate Photos See Schwarzenegger And Hamilton In Action

While there are a handful of action flicks to look forward to during this summer blockbuster season, a lot of genre fans are squarely focused on what’s in store later in the year, seeing as how James Cameron’s iconic sci-fi franchise is hitting the big screen again with Terminator: Dark Fate. Ever since the early 2000s, the series has been on a downward slope, thanks in part to a confusing and needlessly complex plotline that quickly got away from what made the original two films so good in the first place.

Thankfully though, it looks like things are getting back on track. With series creator James Cameron on board, the latest movie is shaping up to be something special, partly because it serves as a direct sequel to T2, with the later films being treated as occurring in alternate timelines. In a move that’s sure to please fans, both Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are reprising their roles as Sarah Conner and the T-800 respectively as well, and leading up to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, a handful of promotional images have now hit the web, which show both actors in character.

As Bloody Disgusting reports, Terminator: Dark Fate will grace the cover of the annual convention special edition magazine, and we got a look at these new images thanks to Den of Geek. Just about every new photo has a character holding a rather sizable firearm, too, which comes at no surprise considering director Tim Miller previously worked on Deadpool. 

We’ve already heard some details as to how Terminator: Dark Fate will tie into T2’s ending, but we’re hopeful we’ll learn a lot more during Comic-Con. As always, keep your eye on this space as new information and announcements come out of San Diego.