Terminator: Dark Fate Rumor Teases The Shocking Demise Of [SPOILERS]


These last couple of weeks have seen a wealth of Terminator: Dark Fate material emerge online, and so far, many fans have yet to be sold on the sequel. Mind you, even actress Linda Hamilton would probably admit that their skepticism is well founded, given the series’ lackluster track record for the last couple of decades.

For what it’s worth, producer James Cameron has described the upcoming flick as a direct continuation of 1991’s fondly remembered Terminator 2: Judgment Day. And if a new report from Heroic Hollywood is anything to go by, then we may have a pretty good idea of how Dark Fate will continue the sci-fi saga.

As you may recall, Judgment Day ended with Sarah and John Connor preventing the rise of Skynet. Granted, twelve years later, that conclusion was effectively reversed in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, but in the alternate timeline of Dark Fate, it seems that Skynet is no longer the big bad of the series.

According Heroic Hollywood’s sources, Miller’s film will see the emergence of a new threat known as Legion that sends a Terminator back to 1998 to kill John Connor. In his place, it’s said that mankind’s fate will rest on a second savior named Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes). And when Gabriel Luna’s Rev-9 is sent back from the future to terminate Dani, Sarah Connor is called upon once more for protection, aided by an augmented human named Grace (Mackenzie Davis).

Overall, it sounds like the franchise’s next installment is staying true to the template, only with Skynet and John getting fresh replacements. Still, we’ll find out if Terminator: Dark Fate can find some exciting new variations on an old formula when the film hits theaters on November 1st.