Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back In New Terminator: Genesis Set Photos


Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor is currently working hard to revive the Terminator franchise with the series’ fifth instalment, Terminator: Genesis, which is currently shooting in New Orleans. The film won’t only be a sequel to the original entries, but will serve as a quasi-reboot of the popular franchise as well, bringing in new actors for the classic characters, who have teamed up with an aged T-800 this time around (played once again by Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Some new set photos have found their way online today, giving us our first look at the main cast in action. We have Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke trading her dragons for guns as Sarah Connor, and A Good Day To Die Hard star Jai Courtney in scrubs next to her as Kyle Reese. We also have a glimpse of Jason Clarke (no relation to Emilia) as John Connor, standing in a suit beside them. He appears to be about their age, which makes me wonder, is he currently time traveling back to the past?

We also have our first look at Schwarzenegger, making his highly-anticipated return as the titular killing machine. He revealed in interviews a few months ago that he’d be returning as an older version of the T-800, which sports human skin to explain the age difference since the we last saw him.

While we still know very little about the project, we have received a few exciting hints at the time-travel plot and how Genesis will find connections with the first film. If all goes well, maybe it can pull an X-Men: Days of Future Past and serve as a good reset to the franchise via some time travel magic.

Tell us, are you excited for Terminator: Genesis? Or have the last two films in the series killed your enthusiasm? Let us know in the comments section below.