Terrence Malick And Christian Bale Seen Filming In Austin

It was announced nearly a month ago that Terrence Malick would be directing a new film with Christian Bale. Not long after, it was announced that Ryan Gosling would also be in the picture and that Haley Bennett was the front runner to join the project as the female lead.

This came as interesting news as Malick had only made six feature films in nearly forty years, this would be his seventh. More interestingly though is that now there are new photos of Malick and Bale filming in Malick’s hometown of Austin, Texas.

Bale and Malick worked together previously on Malick’s 2005 film, The New World, and Bale joined, but subsequently dropped out of Malick’s latest untitled film

Various posts and photos on Twitter depicted Malick and a camera crews filming Christian Bale, as he took the stage during separate concert performances by Pretty Lights, Bright Eyes and Coldplay.

Bale is currently filming Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, so it is unclear whether Malick is filming the movie in seperate sections, whether this is just a test shoot, or if it has any relation to the propsosed Bale/Malick feature.


Was Terrence Malick the guy wandering around with Christian Bale / camera crew today? That would make sense. Sort of.


Awesome night!!! at #ACL @Coldplay was friggin magical and Christian Bale showed up on stage,filming. Possible movie??? 😀

What do you make of these photos? Are you excited to see the two working together?