Terry Gilliam Spills The Zero Theorem Plot Details

According to The Playlist, Terry Gilliam has elaborated on the plot details of his upcoming project The Zero Theorem (starring Christoph Waltz) and there may very well be nude people flying through space. Yes, you read that right, nude people flying through space.

As we’ve reported reported previously, the film features Waltz as Qohen, a semi-monastic computer hacker searching for the answer to human existence in a dystopian world. Gilliam admits that the plot sounds “much darker and broodier than it is,” but fear not, as there will be humor a-plenty in this one too.

Despite some apparent sci-fi elements – black holes, dystopian world, space stuff – the majority of the film will be something of a character-driven study taking place in a burnt out chapel. The script features a total of four characters, presumably Qohen, a teenager named Bob, a love interest and maybe even Management, the Big Brother figure in this brave new world.

So far only Waltz has been announced, but with a four-character story, the rest of the cast is going have to be pretty strong. Gilliam admits as much, saying “The acting is crucial to it — there is no car chase nor a shootout — none of those things you can fall back upon to keep the film going. It’s about the acting and that is why Christoph is so incredible.”

Indeed. We can only hope that the other three are equally incredible.

Preparations seem to move apace, with shooting scheduled to begin on October 22. From the sounds of it, we’re going to be in for a very interesting film and I can’t wait to see what Gilliam has in store for the unsuspecting world.