Tessa Thompson And Chris Hemsworth Wander The Desert In Men In Black Set Pic


Seeing how the main characters’ formal attire is referenced in the very name of the Men in Black series, it seems pretty important that the leads for any new installment in the sci-fi saga should look the part in suits. Fortunately, the various set photos we’ve been seeing from next year’s release have provided more than enough evidence that Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth can pull the look off.

This latest pic, shared via Thompson’s Instagram, also indicates that a trip to the desert is on the cards for the pair. This development seems in line with previous statements from Hemsworth himself that the much anticipated flick will be changing up the locations, taking the team out of New York and to new parts of the world.

A fresh set of locations isn’t the only thing that the next Men in Black will be doing differently though, with the film serving as a soft reboot for the series. This means that you probably shouldn’t expect to see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones returning to the action, but the adventures of Agent J and Agent K will still be canon to the franchise. This sense of continuity has allowed Emma Thompson to reprise her role as MIB head Agent O from 2012’s Men in Black 3, who’ll presumably be responsible for overseeing the newbies.

Speaking of which, Thompson and Hemsworth have done a fair amount of traveling together recently, both for the sake of this project, and the upcoming Avengers 4. A few weeks ago, the Thor: Ragnarok co-stars took a break from Men in Black to travel to Atlanta, where Hemsworth – and, as some have speculated, perhaps Thompson – had some reshoots for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel.

Now that things are back underway for Men in Black, it seems that the two stars still aren’t tired of spending so much time together, with Thompson captioning her new desert photo: “Buds in Black.” We’ll see if this duo still have some of that Ragnarok chemistry left over when their next film hits theaters on June 14, 2019.