The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Is Leaving Netflix In February


Here’s a curse I have fallen foul of several times.

Netflix doesn’t have licenses to stream non-Netflix-produced content in perpetuity, which I’ve no doubt you’re aware of. What I’m here to let you know though is that one such license has almost expired.

Cult horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is set to leave the US service on February 21st, which is less than a month away. As such, any Netflix users who’ve been eyeing the film up will do well to check-in sooner rather than later. Sooner than February 21st, at least. Otherwise, you might have to, I don’t know, buy a DVD. Oh, the humanity.

I mentioned that I’d fallen foul of license expiration before, and it’s true, as this oaf managed to miss both Whiplash and La La Land, two good films (so I’m told) that have long since departed from their UK catalogue. I’ve also yet to pluck up the courage to buy them for myself. Thoughts and prayers are most welcome.

Though I can’t offer anything interesting to say about this particular imminent removal (I know nothing about horror movies), I can speak from experience when I say don’t make my mistake. Learn from them where I didn’t.

Right now, American Psycho is also days away from its Netflix end and as I’ve yet to tick it off the list, odds are I’m not going to make it. But there’s still time to save yourself. Unlike me, you aren’t set in your obsessive-compulsive ways. You’re young and have your entire life ahead of you. The world may be going to hell in a climate crisis shaped handcart, but that doesn’t mean our viewing habits have to go the same way.

In other words, watch The Texas Chain Saw Massacre before it’s too late.